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Claimants’ Choice, Inc – Medical Rehabilitation Services

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Claimants’ Choice, Inc.

416 665 4010

1280 Finch AVe West, Suite 507
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 3K6

Claimant’s Choice™ Inc. is an independent, full-service third-party
healthcare firm, specializing in the medical case management of
individual disability insurance claims. Claimant’s Choice™ Inc. is
headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and employs over 30 professional

Claimant’s Choice ™ Inc. has earned the trust of leading law firms and
the community at large by applying our specialized capabilities to
implement operational solutions that work the first time.
By outsourcing to Claimant’s Choice™ Inc., our law firm partners gain
freedom. Freedom to focus on other projects. To efficiently use
capacity. To go further. Their confidence in Claimant’s Choice™ Inc.
is testimony to the experience and competence of our professional

We believe that the consumer should have the opportunity to decide
which healthcare options are best suited for their individual needs.
At claimant’s Choice™ Inc. we believe the injured person should have a
choice in the way that they access medical services to aid in their

Mission Statement:
We assist our clients in receiving the best services and advancing
their claim by providing expert, medical case management and medical
assessment services. We are committed to providing prompt, courteous
and efficient services, as well as diligent, thorough and vigilant
medical claims management.

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