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Heartthrobs 2009 Canadian Tour – Saturday, Apr 11 2009

Heartthrobs 2009 Canadian Tour – Saturday, Apr 11 2009

Posted January 28th, 2009
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Heartthrobs 2009 Canadian Tour in Toronto! Come out and see Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz, Sam Milby, Bea Alonzo and Pokwang live in Concert in Toronto on Saturday, April 11 2009.

Concert Venues:
Toronto, Ontario – Saturday, April 11 at Massey Hall.

Concert Tickets:
For tickets please contact:
416 628 9930 / 647 724 5488 or or

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  1. JQNo Gravatar Says:

    I watched the Heartthrobs 2009 show last night here in Vancouver and I would like to share to you my personal and my friends opinion about the show.

    The Hearththrobs 2009 was a terrible show. What a waste of time and money… It was a rip off. It was a karaoke show with bad singers… most of the time they are off keys, off beat and can’t even remember the lyrics… the show was a total disaster from start to end. And we have to pay $125.00 for this show.

    Whoever produced this show should have the decency to apologize and reimburse the concert goers. As a president of one of the Filipino communities here in British Columbia, Canada I was so embarrassed with the outcome of the show. Nakakahiya – I am always proud to be Filipino but not last night. Lipsynced na nga ang kanta, mali mali pa… The show has no concept at all. The show was a total rip off. Isang panloloko sa mga Filipinos dito sa Vancouver. Ang kapal naman ng producer at mga local artists na to. Makapera lang they have go down that low to promote the show as a major event in Vancouver and Toronto ‘yon pala it was cheap show.

    It’s a good thing that Pokwang was there for a good laugh. Other than that it’s all poor performances. Our non Filipino friends commented that the show does not even worth $20 and they felt ripped for paying $100+. It’s their first time to watch a pinoy show…. I felt so embarrased. Nakakahiya talaga.

    I’m sending this letter out of frustration and disgust about the show last night. This is a no bull comment. I’m a straightshooter and I will call a spade a spade. My apology to say this but the producer and the artists should be ashamed of themselves.

    Hopefully, during this lenten season they should take some time for soulsearching and ask forgiveness for this obvious misrepresentation. Niloko nila ang mga tao dito sa Vancouver. May God enlightened their minds.

  2. MK TanNo Gravatar Says:

    I just got home from the Heartthrobs concert in Toronto. The show was great but somebody needs to do something about what the producers did which VIP ticket-holders found to be very wrong and disappointing.

    VIP Tickets were sold for $125 & $150 (about P5,000+). The difference between these tickets and the regular tickets is that the VIP ticket-holders get to attend a ‘meet and greet’ with the performers (Piolo, Sam, John Lloyd, Bea and Pokwang) after the show. But when we got to the venue, there were notes left on the VIP seats. It pretty much said that the ‘meet and greet’ will be happening after the show, to remain in our seats for further instructions and that taking pictures with the stars will NOT be allowed. So it’s pretty much just an autograph session. And the worse part comes later on after the show: to be able to participate in their so called ‘meet and greet’ (autograph session), we had to purchase either the performers’ CD’s and/or pictures- the CD’s cost $25 each and the 8×10 pictures (which btw were not recent pics) were $5 each! All these were not mentioned when we purchased our $150 tickets nor was it written on the tickets that this was going to be the case.

    So we ended up paying $150 + the cost of either the cd and/or pictures AND we could NOT even take a picture with the stars! Worth it? I THINK NOT! Next time, producers of the show should specify ALL these before selling tickets to people. $150 does not just grow on trees, some of us had to work extra hours to purchase these “VIP” tickets. I just hope ABS-CBN would specify to future show producers not to mislead the people they’re selling their tickets to.

  3. dheng castroNo Gravatar Says:

    very true’s very disappointing…specially for a first timer like me who watched the concert. I purchased a VIP ticket and got no pictures from them including myself…i was even more disappointed with the seat i got… the actors only goes with the crowds at the middle and right side of the stage (if your facing towards the stage)…poor fans from the left side… thought it was the same thing as what they did last 2008 concert…i heard they got pictures with autograph plus with a picture of yourself with the heartrobs.. i wish i was there instead…to the producer of the 2009 Heartrob Concert, the show was great but the idea of the “meet and greet” it sucks!

  4. TCastorNo Gravatar Says:

    Well, obviously it happened here in Reno, Nevada as well. It was so disorganized and we paid VIP seats to hear Piolo Pascual sing. But instead he sang 3 songs for no more than fifteen minutes and put up with Pokwang st***d jokes. We were promised to be able to take pictures with the performers since we’re VIP ticket holders but THAT DID NOT HAPPEN….. So, who’s to be blame??? Well, I guess the managers and producers or should we say we got taken??? My only consolation, Mr. Pascual is a nice man and a very good looking guy. Is it worth it??? I’d say maybe…….but next time these producers should stick to their promises and be more organize just like how they do it here in the U.S, Canada and U.K. so everybody will go home happy and will not be reading this BLOG.

  5. MAANNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi, I just want to share my experience here in Houston, TX last April 19, 2009. We were SuperVIP and paid $200 for that and the producers promised that we would also get to “meet and greet” them backstage before the show. All the while we were hoping it was worth it just because of that alone. When we arrived, they let us in first since we thought there was a meet and greet before the show. When we were inside, the event staff told us to go outside because some producers were complaining why we were there (Hello?! superVIP..) So we went in again.. and then out the lobby again.. for maybe 4 times, How embarrassing! So what they promised didn’t happend. When they started to let people in, the VIP section was in somewhat of a chaos because everyone’s sitting arrangement was not organized. So anyway, we totally felt we were ripped off because we never got the chance to “meet and greet” them except after the show, we (everyone including sponsors) had the chance to take pictures but by their camera, and that we had to pay for it because no personal cameras were allowed (right?! after paying $200!) And we felt so rushed that I didn’t even get to say hi to the artists because there was no more time I guess due to alot of people who were in fact, not even SuperVIPs who stayed for the “picture taking”, i mean come on, that is so unfair for people who paid 200 freaking dollars. Ugh, it was so frustrating. So I guess we had the “meet” part but not the “greet” part, right?

  6. Jennifer Baguio D.No Gravatar Says:

    I felt so bad to hear from you all and I’m sure It’s frustrating what happend.
    Well, I went to Houston concert last April 19, 2009. I live in Oklahoma. And it was about 7 to 8 hours drive, sinced me and and my other friend lang ang magpunta nag decide kaming mag fly nalang. I bought my ticket actually from the producer Bhong Zausa which is the VIP only. When I bought the ticket he also told me if I plan to stay a hotel he offer me a discount to the Omni Hotel which is the director of the housekeeping there is a Filipina. He also told me that If I want to go with them to the airport to pick the heartthrobs during thier arrival. Alam nyo hindi ko pinapahalata sa kanya na excited ako pero I was so happy inside my heart. I though it was too far from reality.I never met Bhong or Divine before but talking to them by phone i felt that they’re such a nice people. Me and my friend arrived in Houston Saturday morning and that afternoon is the arrival of the heartthrobs. Na meet ko doon yong Daddy ni Sam Milby he was staying the hotel as well. I meet the producer at the very first time he was nice and he told me that I can come to the airport like he promised.
    Then yon na I was so happy na meet ko everybody then I have the opportunity to talk to Sam for at least few minutes before they get sa kanilang sasakyan it was nice. C Sam very nice siya hindi maarte i gto autograph from Sam, Piolo, and John Lloyd. I don’t really cared so much sa performances sa concert nila pero the airport experienced paid off all the money na ginasto ko sa trip na yon. Kong hindi ako nakasama doon sa airport sigurado buweset din cguro ang aabutin ko sa trip na yon. I’M PROBABLY JUST TOO LUCKY THAT DAY…..

  7. SS501_No Gravatar Says:

    i am going to the concert in san jose this saturday but after reading these comments…..i feel very ripped off because i payed $98 which was the price for the VIP. i thought we get to meet them, take pictures, get autographs, etc.!!! i wanted to get one from kim chiu and gerald anderson. 🙁

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