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Don’t Miss This Life Changing Opportunity!

Posted December 11th, 2010
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There’s a massive need for many of us Filipinos to increase our income earnings to help ourselves and our families, whether here in Canada or back home in the Philippines. We all dream of the day that we are successful and have everything we’ve always wanted.

Here’s your chance to hear about a life-changing opportunity!

Right now, there’s a massive business opportunity that will have you running out your door telling all your friends and family in the Philippines and Canada how they too can have their dreams come true.

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Canada-Philippines Above Average Income With Global Expansion

MAX INTERNATIONAL, the fastest growing company in North America, recently launched in the Philippines and now has Filipinos earning North American income without leaving the Philippines. MAX INTERNATIONAL is currently seeking qualified partners for expansion into South East Asia and Latin America.

With unprecedented growth driving record volumes in the industry, there’s a ground floor opportunity for all partners to be part of a massive organization, with plans to be in 40 countries within the decade.

Thursday, December 16, and Saturday, December 18, 2010, you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet the Top Philippine Executive from Manila.

Don’t miss the chance to hear about this life-changing opportunity!

Call 416.410.2740 now to reserve your seat!

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