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Free Filipino Martial Arts Classes at Kapisanan – Starts Saturday, January 22 2011

Posted January 15th, 2011
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Our friends over at Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture are having free filipino martial arts classes – ARNIS Classes: Kapisanan’s Pilot Heritage Program.

Arnis Class Details:
The Arnis style, which will be taught by Guro Rudy Cosico of Arnis De Cinco Terros, is unique, distinct, and dates back to the art form’s original inheritors.

Classes will be on Saturdays starting January 22, from 4 – 6 p.m. and THE FIRST 4 WEEKS OF CLASSES WILL BE **FREE** just to get your feet wet with the art and to see how you like it.

Fighting forms included in the program are:

  • stick forms
  • dagger/knife forms
  • dagger and stick (spada y daga)
  • empty hand techniques

Lessons will include self defense, disarmament, combat and fight tactics and forms, along with history and cultural relevance of a growing national sport the Philippines.

Click here to learn more about the Arnis Filipino program @ Kapisanan.

About Arnis
Arnis is a traditional Philippine martial arts with variations & names in other neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. I know growing up I’ve heard Arnis be referred to as Escrima, Kali or even Silat. Arnis is used in modern military training in many countries and is a popular self defense class around the world. Nevertheless, its a martial arts that uses 2 sticks in form to deliver lighting fast strikes but engaging strong defense. Here’s a video we found on YouTube showing a demo of Arnis by a Grand Master:

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