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Maja Blanca Recipe – How To Make Maja Blanca

Posted May 24th, 2009
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Maja Blanca Recipe. Learn how to make Maja Blanca with this Filipino Dessert Recipe. Maja Blanca is a Famous Filipino Dessert usually eaten as a snack.

Maja Blanca Recipe Video:

Maja Blanca Recipe Ingredients:
* 2 liters of coconut milk
* 240 grams of white sugar
* 400 grams of corn kernels
* 150ml of condensed milk
* 370ml evaporated milk
* 200 grams of corn starch

Maja Blanca Cooking Instructions:
* In a pot, add 1.25 liters of coconut milk, white sugar, condensed milk, evapourated milk, corn kernels.
* Stir mixture and bring to a boil
* Prepare the thickener by mixing the corn starch and 750ml of coconut milk together
* Once boiling, add the thickener to the mixture
* Continue stirring until mixed together,
* Transfer to a holding tray
* Flatten out the mixture by shaking the tray and level with a spatula or knife
* Let it cool at room temperature
* Cut out of tray
* Add Latik garnish: Latik is made by curdling and browning coconut cream
* Serve and enjoy

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  1. louNo Gravatar Says:

    hi! thanks so much for posting your video. can i use corn grits in this recipe? if so, how much should i put if I followed this recipe? thanks!

  2. yhengNo Gravatar Says:

    wow thnx for this post it realy help us a lot and so easy to follow because there is a video.. keep posting more videos please.. tnx again

  3. Toronto FilipinoNo Gravatar Says:

    hi lou, Im sure you could try, but you would lose the texture that kernels provide =)

  4. eiramNo Gravatar Says:

    hey you’re a big help to me…
    i really want to learn how to cook maja blanca.
    but how about if i want to make a big ‘bilao’
    of maja blanca for my mother’s bday? please send
    me the right amount of ingredients that i will need.
    thanks a lot…

  5. almaNo Gravatar Says:

    hi, eiram…
    i think if you want to cook maja blanca as big as the bilao you can just double or triple the amount in the recipe here…2 liters will be double so you need 4 liters or 6liters for more…ganun lang po. but its hard to mix na if madami masyado and quantity so…ask for help to somebody with a huge muscles…(joke!) hope you enjoy it too…like i do…thanks to Toronto Filipino…mabuhay kayo!!!

  6. Toronto FilipinoNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Alma, thanks for the support! We love our national dessert (Maja Blanca is actually one of my favourite filipino desserts!) we’ll continue to post more recipes in the future.

  7. Chinese Dessert RecipesNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, the cooking method of this dish is great, I’ll try it later and I hope it tastes the way it look. Thanks for sharing!

  8. MichelleNo Gravatar Says:

    What are the US measures, in cups or tablespoon?

  9. miracellaNo Gravatar Says:

    My boyfriend loves maja blanca a lot and I wanna make some for him. Thanks for the big help!

  10. camilleNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi.. I am also from Saint Benilde

  11. jeanzromNo Gravatar Says:

    halo im jeanzrom here in norway is it reqiured na cornstarch tlag gamitin in making maj blanca?i need your immediate responce

  12. Nelia PizarraNo Gravatar Says:

    easy recipe and easy to follow please convert your ml and grams to cups. thanks. You guys r great!

  13. babes in sydNo Gravatar Says:

    Hard to make latik if you can only buy gata in cans. Is there latik we could buy in abroad?

  14. NicoNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks ..I’ll try to follow the instructions..
    this will be a great help

  15. aileenNo Gravatar Says:

    i’ve tried this one… it’s creamy and with nice texture… my friends loved it!

  16. RokiinNo Gravatar Says:

    wow my name is Maja!! my mum’s a filo but my mum always says my name comes from my dad’s country…

  17. maricel israelNo Gravatar Says:

    tnx verry nice and easy rcpe…..israel

  18. Daise of BacolodNo Gravatar Says:

    i will try doing this at home since its my favorite filipino dessert and i like to ask if instead of coconut milk can i use milk as a substitute. Thank you. please reply at my email ad

  19. Lorna of SariayaNo Gravatar Says:

    i’ll try this.. it looks like yummy

  20. mai.leneNo Gravatar Says:

    this is my 1st time to cook maja,so thanks a lot.!!!

  21. ReystherNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks a lot. My girlfriend ask me to cook her favorite maja blanca but due to lack in experience in cooking because i just kept on assisting my mother in cooking such kind of dessert so i needed to research and found this very recipe which is easy to understand. More power

  22. beaNo Gravatar Says:


  23. NurNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks god I have recipes for those ingredients I like. More powers

  24. kevinNo Gravatar Says:

    thanx for the recipe….i would really use it coz im craming about our dish in our christmas party….tnanx again

  25. jeanNo Gravatar Says:

    eating maja blanca is what i love most. My mother loves to cook this since I was a kid.

  26. GersonNo Gravatar Says:

    very nice my favorite maja maja maja blanca

  27. maeNo Gravatar Says:

    ty for the recipe…i need this kc i`ll be cooking for this new year…keep posting filipino recipe..

  28. yenyenNo Gravatar Says:

    like it

  29. ST.Benedict BOYsNo Gravatar Says:

    salamat tlaga dahil bukas mag luluto kami pra sa poj. namen thank you tlga.

  30. BengNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice recipe! what did you use as decoration on the plate? Is that caramel?

  31. RIVEROFMARCHNo Gravatar Says:


  32. Eric SantosNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, ang sarap nung nag-try aq… tnx for this informative video!!!

    keep it up!

  33. mhabel egongegongNo Gravatar Says:

    THANX..Atleast now i can make a perpect maja blanca..

  34. ernestoNo Gravatar Says:

    thank you!

  35. brandonNo Gravatar Says:

    oh wow!thank you for this video i like it….,now i can cook a new recipe!

  36. camille perezNo Gravatar Says:

    its so sweet
    thank you

  37. roma lionNo Gravatar Says:

    tnx 4 d really helps a lot esp.for people like me who really loves to experiment in cooking

  38. JMNo Gravatar Says:

    How come the one I made ended up having the texture of lecheflan and the tase of sweet yema?

  39. the sims social cheatNo Gravatar Says:

    love it

  40. makenzie marenzNo Gravatar Says:

    thanks for this post! my aunt requested me to look for the ingredients and procedure on how to make maja…. and now … we can make maja finally. thanks!

  41. Rockey PanganibanNo Gravatar Says:

    Hahahaha -xP ang galing thanks

  42. EdnelynNo Gravatar Says:

    i like maja very much and i want to cook maja on my birthday what about if the corn starch is 1kilo how many grams of sugar,and how many liters of coconut milk i need?
    please let me know….

  43. darlina formosoNo Gravatar Says:

    ang galing! sana mayroon pang iba.

  44. metrexNo Gravatar Says:

    i realy love to cook maja blanca since i was 4rt year high,..8’s my specialty even my friends lyk 8 very much…i wish i cud hve d best recipe for 8…

  45. AnnNo Gravatar Says:

    Just when I needed a recipe for this. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  46. angelika matibagNo Gravatar Says:

    how many servings can this recipe do?

  47. Kat SchulzNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks for sharing the video.. anyway, how many coconut for 2 liters coconut milk…

    thanks.. and Happy New Year.

  48. ReeseNo Gravatar Says:

    Isn’t it 2.0 liters of coconut milk too much for 200 grams of cornstarch? the usual ratio of coconut milk to cornstarch is 4:1 for maja blanca. Thanks

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